Upon installation of your landscape you will have the responsibility of caring for your plant

material. When project is completed, we will give you general plant care guidelines and

program your irrigation controller. We will check the property within 30 days of installation

and will advise you of any irregularities. Should you start noticing plant decline such as

wilting, leaf drop, discoloration, insect infestation, etc. please call us immediately. This will

allow us to quickly determine possible causes of plant stress and recommend solutions.

If you wish to keep your landscaping looking its best and do not have time and/or

knowledge to devote to plant care, please consider our professional landscape maintenance

service program. Our program is custom designed to meet the needs and preferences of

each client.

Occasionally plants will not survive the process of new installation. We will gladly replace

them at no charge up to 90 days from the date of installation. Plant materials that failed will

be replaced as soon as they become available and as quickly as our schedule permits.

Within the following schedule, we will guarantee to replace, once, any plant installed by

Trim All Lawn Service, Inc. that fails to grow. Ninety (90) days limited warranty is provided

for all plant material and trees for one year. Reasonable growing conditions must be

maintained as a provision of the warranty including automated irrigation, insect and disease

control and protection from unreasonable damage by pets, pedestrians and/or third parties.

What is not included in our warranty:

 Vandalism, theft, storm/ wind damage, damage by others, cold draft damage, insect

infestation or disease unless covered under maintenance contract.

 Plants that die as a result of improper cultural practices such as over or under

watering, improper fertilization, damage from chemical applications etc.

 Plants or Trees that are transplanted are not covered under any warranty.

  Warranty does not cover annuals, perennials, roses, sod or vines.

 Plants which died during summer due to lack of water caused by water bans are

other watering practices.

 Sod there is no warranty on sod.

 Warranty is voided on accounts over 30 days past due from date of invoice.

 Extended warranty:

 When you maintain a yearly maintenance contract with Trim All Lawn Service your

warranty extends for one year from the date of installation.


1. It is the customer’s responsibility to locate, identify, and notify Trim All Lawn Service,

Inc. of all underground conduits, wiring, pipes, septic systems, etc. Any damage to such

underground conduits, wiring, pipes, septic systems, etc. shall not be the responsibility of

Trim All Lawn Service, Inc. We have the right to substitute any plant under warranty with

one of equal value. The landscape contractor shall not be held responsible for concealed

conditions such as, but not limited to, rock, water, clay pan, asphalt or any other obstacles

encountered which are not apparent at the time of estimating.

2. It will be the customer’s responsibility to clear the area to be landscaped of all debris,

building materials and any other obstructions, unless Trim All Lawn Service, Inc. is

contracted to do so.

3. Substitutions of plant material may be necessary due to the availability of certain

materials, with designer and customer approval.

4. Proposal subject to market conditions at time of installation and priced as a complete


5. All agreements contingent upon strikes, accidents or delays beyond our control.

6. A minimum of three (3) business days notice from the date of acceptance of proposal will

be required for the purpose of obtaining underground locates for subsurface utilities before

any work may commence.

7. Landscape Irrigation Contractor will not be responsible for any private utilities not

located by Sunshine One Call Utility Locating Service.

8. Additional irrigation retrofit or adding to existing system to accommodate new plantings

will represent an added charge over and above the landscaping cost and will be performed

on a time and materials basis.

9. All sub-contracted work (i.e. Hardscape, Pavers, Irrigation, Landscape Lighting, Synthetic

Turf, Specimen Palms and Trees, etc. will be warranted as stated on the proposal.